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Kamakura Suzaku

Sumikoushi-kan Store

Sumikoushi-kan Store

Experience a fresh, clean, pure and relaxing atmosphere in our store, a specialty store featuring healing charcoal products.

Sumikoushi-kan is a specialty store, providing charcoal products for health and beauty.

The store is located in a restored house from the Taisho-period (1912 to 1926). We offer a wide variety of original Kamakura Suzaku products, including charcoal honey, bamboo charcoal bars, bamboo charcoal soap, and carbonized cloth.

You will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in our store, which is designed around historical Kamakura culture.

Bamboo charcoal paint is used throughout our store, creating a fresh, relaxing atmosphere.

We offer free water for you to enjoy while shopping, water that is purified with bamboo charcoal in our store.

Pure air and safe water, these are the primary goals of our products.

Please feel free to stop by and take a break at our beautiful, traditional Japanese store.

Enjoy our drinks made with bamboo charcoal purified water, accompanied by the best sweets from Hase area.

We have a cafe space in our store. Our cafe has a traditional Japanese tatami room, originally built In the Taisho era, about 70 years ago.

All menu items include a drink and sweets from the Hase area. All our drinks use original Kamakura Suzaku charcoal purified water. Our special drink menu includes regular coffee, iced coffee, espresso, black tea, matcha (green tea), and charcoal honey-ginger tea.

Our delicious sweets are all from Hase-area shops and the selection changes weekly.

In addition to the traditional Japanese tatami rooms, we also have a front seating area where you can view Yuigahama Street while enjoying your drink and sweets.

Please choose the area you prefer and enjoy a relaxing tea time experience.

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