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Kamakura Suzaku

Kamakura Suzaku

Kamakura Suzaku

Our products support a healthy life and environment.

Natural, pure, healing… our goal is to help you establish a healthy life without stress using bamboo charcoal's natural abilities.This is Kamakura Suzaku's mission. We are located in historical Kamakura, where you will find many beautiful old bamboo groves. Our store is located on the south side of the city.The Chinese phoenix, called "suzaku" in Japanese, is the protector of the south wall in the feng shui tradition. This is the source of our store name.

Because people have begun to recognize charcoal's numerous positive effects, including air purification and the creation of a relaxing atmosphere, charcoal is increasingly used in everyday life.

Kamakura Suzaku's mission is not only to use charcoal to improve our living and work environments, but also to provide an edible form to improve people's healthy directly.

Some people might be surprised when they hear they can eat bamboo charcoal, but bamboo charcoal removes harmful materials from you body and adds essential minerals.


  • ●Eight-minute walk from Yuigahama station.
  • ●Three-minute walk from Hase station.
  • ●Parking is available.


Open 7 days-a-week from 10:00 to 18:00

火灯館 Kato-Kan Store (charcoal paint)
  • TEL 0467-39-5188 FAX 0467-39-5187
  • Hase 1-11-24, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
    Japan 248-0016
炭格子館 Sumikoshi-Kan Store (charcoal products & cafe)
  • TEL 0467-81-5598 FAX 0467-81-5597
  • Hase 2-11-44, Kamakura-shi,
    Kanagawa-ken, Japan 248-0016


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